An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!

Right now, well maintained beautiful homes that are properly marketed and priced ARE selling quickly, sometimes with multiple offers, and occasionally over asking price. However, homes with a long list of deferred maintenance, or a lot of necessary renovations, are being discounted at a larger cost than the cost to do the improvements pre-listing.  What this means is that the ROI (return on investment) makes it better for sellers to invest some time, money, energy, and elbow grease into improving the home prior to listing it for sale. This small investment can make a huge difference to the net proceeds. A simple rule of thumb is every $1 spent should return approximately $4 in the sale price.  

Our Experience Shows It!

Just a few months ago we helped a client invest $5,000 into some simple home repairs: decluttering, minor painting, updating a few light fixtures, and cleaning. A small investment helped get our client $25,000 more in the purchase price than a neighbor around the corner with the same floor plan in a similar condition. This worked because we are familiar with the $1 in $4 out strategy. The best practice for sellers right now is to get a professional pre-listing consultation from highly skilled consultants like us. With Cory’s appraisal background, he can tell you what the market is doing from a local to national level, deliver a fact-based value range (not a zestimate), and give a real pricing and pre-listing game plan that has proven to maximize home values. With Brandi’s eye for design and commitment to maximizing your homes showing & marketing experience we sell homes faster and for more money.  The good news is that you’re not alone, our business is literally built to take the stress off of you and we’re here to help you with a customized plan that fits your needs and your budget.  We have a preferred contractor team that meets our 5-star quality standards and will work efficiently and honestly to get the job done.  Our mission is to take on as much as we can so that your sale is easy on you and organized for success from the start.

Call-text-email us for a quick 10-minute discovery call and we will do the rest.