Debbie and Allen’s real estate journey began with a desire for a fresh start after living in their beloved neighborhood for 36 years. Initially, they contemplated selling their home on their own, confident in their knowledge of their property’s worth. However, fate intervened when they crossed paths with Cory Wilks, a seasoned real estate professional. Intrigued by Cory’s background and expertise, they decided to entrust him with their home sale. Little did they know that this decision would lead to an extraordinary outcome.

Cory’s diligent research and market analysis paid off handsomely, as he negotiated a $140,000 increase in their property’s sale price! This unexpected windfall not only exceeded Debbie and Allen’s initial expectations but also provided them with the financial means to embark on their next adventure with confidence. Cory’s dedication to securing the best deal for his clients not only boosted their financial position but also forged a lasting partnership built on trust and success.