Most people search for a home with their minds, but buy with their heart. This means that you might find the home that is right for you that falls short of some of your requirements, especially when homes for sale are in such short supply. This is an important factor to keep in mind.

If you have been searching for a long time and aren’t finding anything, try expanding your search parameters… identify what you truly must have or you won’t buy, then remove the rest of your requirements.

For example, many people select 3 bedrooms as a requirement, planning to use the third bedroom as an office or guest room. You may find a home with only 2 bedrooms that has another space that could be used as an office. The same goes for 2 bedrooms vs 1.

Square footage can also be deceiving because it depends so much on the floor plan. Some homes with bigger square footage feel smaller than smaller ones because of hallways or a maze of separate rooms. An open floor plan can make a huge difference in livability and how big the space feels.

Even location can sometimes be surprising. There may be a great neighborhood for you that you haven’t discovered yet. Driving neighborhoods can be a great way to identify locations that feel good to you… and your Realtor may be able to suggest other areas that have a similar feel.

If the location of a property seems like it could be a fit, check it out even if it doesn’t quite fit all your criteria… you might be surprised. You may know almost as soon as you walk in the door when you have found the right home, even before you check out all the details. It’s a delicate balance of needs, wants and aesthetics that just makes it feel right.

Here are some signs you have found the right home for you…

  • It feels good as soon as you enter… as you go through it you find that instead of looking for reasons not to buy, you are looking for affirmation that it continues to feel good and this is the right home
  • You get the flutters… it’s like the feeling you get when you fall in love, wait a minute this IS falling in love, but with a home!
  • You forgive flaws… every home has flaws, but you find yourself making excuses for the flaws in this home, willing to overlook them because the rest of the home feels so good
  • You find yourself mentally moving in, arranging furniture, changing paint colors, making updates… this is an important sign that you feel like you could live here, and you are ready to fix it up to truly make it yours
  • You remember every detail… after seeing tons of houses most of them blur together, but this one stands out and is emblazoned in your memory
  • You feel happy… rather than worrying, you relax and breathe a sigh of relief that this feels like home and you would be proud to live here
  • You can’t imagine someone else moving into ‘your home’… ok, when you get here it’s time to make an offer, NOW!