The statisticians say that most people know 12 Realtors.  Being a word-of-mouth-based company, we realize that on a daily basis we have to outshine and outperform 11 other agents just to earn their business. Then we must impress them by delivering 5-star service to earn our clients raving reviews, and do it in such a way our clients feel internally compelled to vocally champion our business.  The good news is that we are 100% committed to the challenge and we do this by being different from the rest of our Realtor colleagues.

Allow me to explain… 

Respectfully, most Realtors do not have the depth of real estate knowledge needed to be a true Consultant or Advisor and this forces them to enter the business as a Solicitor, a true Salesperson.This most often shows up with short-term relationships and self-serving empty real estate advice.  It is easy to spot this type of agent because they don’t ask the real questions about you, questions about what is  important to you AND why, and how they can accommodate your needs with a custom plan.  Rather within moments of meeting you they simply ask, if this “is a home you wish to buy?”, or “what price would you consider selling at?” and then proceed asking every variation of these questions possible until you buy, sell, or give up. I don’t blame them, after all they simply don’t have the knowledge needed to truly consult and advise, they just don’t know how else to show up.

How we’re different…

We refuse to operate from the Solicitor position, instead we play the long game in real estate and choose to operate as a lifelong Friend, Professional, Real Estate Advisor, Market Influencer, and Connector… and in that order!  

In our core we believe in the idea of Pursuit of Mastery.  This ideology has sparked our own set of Rules… 

Rule #1 – First… Be a Friend

The human connection cannot be underestimated.  The reason people buy or sell homes is always tied to a very personal life event that is causing change. Be sensitive to this.  Whether you are in the market to buy or sell or are just interested in your investment, we promise to connect as a friend and as a human, before we ever show up as a Realtor.   

Rule #2 – Be a Pro…. Master Your Craft 

With the pursuit of mastery at our core, the last 22 years have been spent accumulating and mastering knowledge and skill in the Real Estate world. Not only as Realtors, but also as a previously licensed Appraiser, Mortgage Broker, and Investors with 100’s of fix & flips and buy & holds. Also becoming a top Investment Wealth Advisor and National Speaker, with expertise in Marketing, Communications, and Negotiations. It will be near impossible to find a Real Estate firm as dedicated to truly mastering their craft as we are.  Our promise to you is to deliver Simple, Honest, and Direct Professional Advice, even if it is hard to hear. 

Rule #3 – Be a Consultant, Advisor, and Masterful Facilitator – Never a Solicitor  

People need leadership, sound advice, and facilitation of a proven system, they don’t need to be “sold”.  When people are looking to buy or sell a home, they don’t know what they don’t know, so leaning on a trusted real estate advisor who prioritizes their clients’ needs and masterfully facilitates a successful buy or sell on the clients ideal terms is exactly what they are looking for.  We promise to always deliver the leadership, sound advice, and masterful facilitation of our proven system for our clients,

Rule #4 – Be of Continual Service, Provide Value for Life – Not Just For today

Real estate serves people in their Lifestyles, their Investments, as well as in their Businesses.  Do you remember that place you called “home” and how much it meant to you?  Looking ahead, do you plan on owning real estate in your retirement strategy, or possibly leveraging real estate as your kid’s college fund?    Has there ever been a Life Event that occurred that sparked the need for a home sale or purchase?   Quite likely the answer to all of these questions is… Yes.    Our promise is to continuously provide high impact market insights and advice on new and proven strategies in real estate to help you grow in Lifestyle, Investment, and Business.

Rule #5 – Be a Connector, Surround Yourself with The Best, and Lift Those Around You

Everyone needs “a guy” for this or “a gal” for that, who is committed to delivering a 5-star experience.   It’s our goal to surround ourselves with a team of preferred Financial Professionals to help guide you on your personal wealth journey, as well as a team of Trade Professionals that help you maintain the integrity of your real estate holdings, and who are all as committed to delivering excellence in service as we are.  Our promise is that the service professionals we refer are just as committed to delivering a 5-star client experience as we are.      

Hopefully, the 5 Rules have demonstrated to you how we are different.  As a Friend first and true Real Estate Professional second, we are the perfect blend of human and powerhouse that you can tap into anytime.   

As always, if we can be of service in anyway to you or someone you love, let us know!

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