DIY work doesn’t always go according to plan, but these are some words you definitely don’t want to hear. See some frightening phases you don’t want to hear during a DIY project.

Let’s save money and get the least expensive paint/caulk/tape/sandpaper, etc.

paintingThe Family HandymanIt’s one thing to stay on budget, but it’s another thing to buy inferior products. Like the old saying goes: You get what you pay for. We’ve heard countless tales of DIY home repair that has to be redone sooner than expected or even worse has to be hired out to fix. These home improvement fails will make you cringe.

Sure, that’ll fit in the car

carThe Family HandymanGary Steinmetz was rushing to get done for the day, turned the corner and smashed his forehead into protruding lumber. His baseball cap visor blocked his view and: WHAM! After a trip to the emergency room and a half-dozen stitches, he was more careful about leaving boards sticking out at head level and decided to wear his baseball cap backward. Make sure you follow proper safety tips for DIY work and see how to transport things in a truck the right way.

I’m pretty sure the electricity is off.

electricalThe Family HandymanAlways make sure the electricity is off before doing any kind of electrical work. Use a non-contact voltage tester before touching any wires and avoid making common electrical mistakes.

I’ll just climb up on the roof and take a look.

roofThe Family HandymanWe’ve heard plenty of ladder stories gone awry, like getting stranded on the roof after a ladder falls or hanging on to a gutter while help arrived. Do yourself a favor and use a roof harness while working on the roof or try a ladder stabilizer.