If you are moving into a neighborhood governed by an HOA or Metro District, you will want to take a look at all documents that will govern what you can and can’t do with your property. These documents generally include the Declarations and Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations, the current year budget, and recent meeting minutes. 

The reason you want to review these documents is that when you buy into an association or district, you are agreeing to all rules and regulations that pertain to the area as well as becoming a voting member of the association or district. Metro districts all carry debt that is paid back through property taxes and every homeowner should understand what that is and how it works. Things that may be pertinent to you are:

Any pet restrictions (number of pets, breeds, weights, etc.)?

Fencing needs and types allowed

Parking restrictions

Approval process for home improvements

Any debt the district carries and how that affects your property taxes 

For all of the above reasons, we  strongly urge you to read each document thoroughly. Write down any questions or issues you’d like to know more about as we can ask for clarification or further documentation. Pay particular attention to the meeting minutes as this is often where you’ll learn what’s really going on in the neighborhood and if there is anything new being proposed or changed.

After you’ve read the documents, email us any questions you have and we will get answers and clarification as soon as possible!

For more detailed explanations of what to expect and what to look for, read this article