Now that your inspection period is done, it’s safe to hire movers and start packing!  Call now to get moving estimates and secure a mover as they often get booked up weeks in advance.  Also, if you’re moving into a condo building, check with the Property Management Company to see if there are move-in restrictions or special things to know for the actual move-in day. (ie. special parking or elevator instructions)

Remember that you can’t move into your new place until closing is finished and you are given the keys. Unfortunately, we can’t reserve a specific time for closing in advance although we can request AM or PM. AM usually starts around 9am and PM usually starts sometime between 1 – 3pm.  Allow 3 hours for closing, although we’ll hope to be done sooner than that.  For instance, if your closing starts at 9am expect you might not be done until noon then allow time to get to your new place before the movers arrive. 

When talking to moving companies, we highly recommend asking them if they will bring wardrobe boxes with them for all of your hanging clothes. That way you don’t have to take everything off the hangers and pack the items up. Instead, the movers will simply grab everything in your closets that is hanging, put them on the rods in the boxes and then when you get to your new home you can just grab the hangers and hang the items back up. Saves a ton of time.

Moving Companies our Clients Have Been Happy With:

All My Sons Moving & Storage | (303) 217-9117 |

Two Men & a Truck | (303) 785-6588| Centennial, CO|

Moving Supplies

Start gathering boxes and packing supplies.  Often you can find free boxes on Craigs List or Facebook Market Place.  Home Depot, Lowes, Uhaul, and like stores all have supplies. If we have clients in the area that are just finishing their move, we are happy to ask for their supplies for you.


Moving can be incredibly stressful on pets. Be sure movers are aware there are pets in the house if you are concerned they may get out and take off in the chaos. A friend or trusted boarding facility may be a good idea for that move-out/ move-in day.