Step 2 to Selling Your Home: You’ve Hired a Realtor. Now What?

You’ve picked a Realtor (Us!). Yeah! Now what? Now we need to get your home ready for the market. This involves:

More paperwork.  Selling your home involves a lot of paperwork. We will be emailing you all the disclosures that will need to be completed & electronically signed by you. We will also need any of the following in your possession:

  • Any permits for any additions / improvements made since you bought
  • Any receipts for services (like HVAC cleaning, duct cleaning, fireplace service, pest control, etc.)
  • Any documents about upcoming developments in your neighborhood
  • Any warranties on Appliances, mechanical systems, roof, etc.
  • Any insurance claims

Top 10 List. Write a top ten list of reasons you love living in your home. We don’t want these reasons to be things the buyers can easily see for themselves such as your gorgeous kitchen.  Rather, we want them to be intangibles that only you know such as the beautiful sunsets visible through your living room windows, that you have great neighbors, the farmers market down the street every Tues, etc.  We then use this list in our marketing of your home.

Let us know what date you want your home to go live in the MLS.  We need about one week’s notice before we can put your property on the market. Before it goes on the market you need to declutter your home, fix any items that need to be fixed, and either clean it or have your home professionally cleaned.

Change the privacy settings on your Facebook page so only friends can see your posts.   We don’t want potential buyers Googling you learning that you just got a big promotion at work, are moving across the country or are buying a new house because you’re having a baby.  All of these items can hurt my negotiation position, therefore, it’s imperative you change your security settings to make your posts and photos private to strangers. And while you can mention on your Facebook page that you’re selling your home, don’t say why.

Once you’ve completed the above, let us know and we’ll send you your next steps.  Have questions? Call us at (303) 667-9442 or (303) 257-2038.