We are big believers in pre-market inspections, especially for single family homes. 

This means you pay an inspector to inspect your home before it goes on the market.  This allows us to fix any items that would come up in a buyers inspection report before the home goes on the market. Some examples of what we do for pre-inspections includes:

  • Professional Roof Inspection for any damage
  • HVAC Systems cleaning & servicing
  • Sewer Scope for any possible sewer blockage or issues
  • Landscape for any potential dead trees
  • Plumbers for any leaking faucets or toilets

Not every home should do a pre-market inspection and we are hppy to discuss your situation and make recommendations. If you’d like to do any pre-market inspections, let us know and we will arrange for them. We can even be present for the inspections so you don’t have to take time away from work or family. 

Questions? Call us at (303) 667-9442 or (303) 257-2038