Builders and Buy-Downs:   

Right now, there is a huge opportunity for homebuyers to get a sweet deal from local home builders. Builders are lowering home prices, offering notable incentives to buy-down interest rates as much as 1%-2% lower than market interest rates.  Further, builders are offering special terms like accepting contingency sales and offering quality fixtures and upgrades as normal inclusions rather than paid-for improvements. The main idea is to help make homes more affordable and attractive to new home buyers and the idea is working. New home builds have not slowed and there are no signs a slow down is on the horizon.  

Best Practice for Buyers:   

Having a professional real estate consultant on your side can be highly impactful. We recently negotiated $29,000 in builder incentives that were used for an interest rate buy-down, the original builder offer was $5,000. This was indeed a huge win for our client and without our expertise and presence, the builder would not have negotiated with the buyer for the other $24,000. This type of deal is not exclusive to new builds, we often are able to negotiate interest rate buy-downs paid for by the seller of any home. Of course, we would love the opportunity to negotiate something like this for you and your loved ones.

Call-text-email us and we can do a quick 10-minute discovery call to see if we can get you an extra $29,000 too!