Now that your offer has been accepted by the seller and we have an executed contract, it’s time to drop off your earnest money check. Earnest money checks need to be dropped off within 1-3 business days of contract execution. 

We will email you exactly how much your earnest money check should be made out for, who it should be made out to and where it should be dropped off.  In the “For “line of your check, put “EM check for (insert property address).”  Put the check in an envelope, but don’t seal it. On the outside of the envelope write “EM check for (insert property address) ” and your name. The check is dropped off at the Title Company.  Try to go during normal business hours to drop it off as you’ll need to get a receipt.  When you get there, ask the receptionist to give you an earnest money receipt.Once you’ve been given a receipt, go ahead and seal the envelope with the check in it and give it to the receptionist. Take a picture of the receipt, text it or email it to us and let us know the transaction is complete. We will let the seller’s agent know it has been dropped off. 

As a reminder, your earnest money check amount will be deducted from your final down payment.

If you have questions, make sure you reach out!