A B O U T  O U R  C O M P A N Y

Family Owned

We started our company back in 2007 with the goal in mind to help our friends in real estate.  We have helped so many people and so many of our friends with our real estate expertise & passion that we choose to continue this business and are now teaching our 4 children how to make real estate part of their lives.

A B O U T   U S

Power Couple

We are truly a husband & wife team. We work together side by side each day building our business and expanding our knowledge. We each have roles to play in our company and we do so smoothly and in true Synergy. Together we raise our children and raise our business to higher levels.

Our Awesome Team

Each team member of ours is invaluable to providing World Class Customer Service. Below is more information about us and how to connect to us on Social Media, simply click on a team members photo to access their socal media accounts. Get to know us better as we are excited to get to know you!


Founder & Managing Broker

Cory Wilks is a brilliant Realtor and Real Estate Investor who is committed to creating more value than he consumes. He lives his life and runs his business based on win-win philosophies and the virtues of integrity, abundance, love, and respect. He is quite a remarkable character who thoroughly enjoys both the vastness and the nuances of real estate. This talented entrepreneur has mastered the art and skill of sales, negotiations, property valuation, complex real estate transactions, renovation, short sale, private money lending, investment real estate, mortgage lending, marketing, lead generation and technology to empower his TEAM and clients to truly make the best of their unique real estate experience. When he isn’t crushing it in the Real Estate world, Cory enjoys being with his Wife Brandi & their 4 kids going on amazing adventures! Cory is the best friend in real estate you could get!


Co-founder & Director of Operations

Brandi is an accomplished business woman with years of experience in Real Estate as Cory’s assistant. Brandi is committed to spirituality and personal growth. As a Professional photographer as well as a Real Estate Assistant, she is constantly attracting new people and new business into her life that support her in doing leaps and bounds in the community as well as her personal life. Brandi is aspiring to travel the world with her business partner and Husband Cory along with their four wonderful children. By creating such abundance in her life and in those she loves, Brandi knows that remarkable things will come her way. As a friend in real estate she has an eye for the market and loves helping her friends get the most out of this real estate world that we are all living in.